Urine & Odour

Pet stains and odours are often the hardest part of rug restoration. Pet food contains a number of food dyes and colouring chemicals which can pass through your fur-friend. As a result, pet stains can irreversibly damage your rug. Ammonia and food dye could permanently mark your rug, even if you have your rug cleaned immediately.

However, cleaning your rug with home cleaners and home remedies can make it worse, causing the stain to spread and damage the fibres.

Bad smells, such as urine, have to be removed properly or the smell will remain.

Not only the extraction method is important, the solution used to break down the bacteria is as well. It is the bacteria that lets of the bad smells, so it’s this that needs to be treated.

Cat or dog urine can seep into the base of the carpet where the fibres attach. This needs to be treated correctly in order to remove the smell. The same goes for the underlay; there is no point in removing the odour from just the surface of the carpet and leaving it in the underlay.

Once the affected area has been found, it needs to be treated with a cleaning solution and an anti-bacterial solution that is injected into the base and underlay of the carpet. In some instances when the odour is quite bad, the process will need to be repeated 2-3 times to fully remove the odour.

Urine affected carpet vs non affected carpet

Urine Submersion Pit