Short Term – Free Plastic Wrap

We don’t recommend wrapping your rug in plastic for storage as the plastic does not allow your rug to “breath” which can cause odour and mildew problems. However, transporting your rugs in plastic wrap is completely safe short term. This short-term solution will help prevent your rug from being scuffed, pulled, ripped or stained in transport.

Long Term – Tyvek

Once your rug has been professionally cleaned, insect-treated, rolled and secured, it’s time to wrap it. The best material to wrap a rug that will be stored long-term is white Tyvek paper.

A synthetic material, Tyvek paper will provide protection against dust and pests, while still allowing the rug to breath, prevent it from becoming musty and mouldy. Tyvek paper is the ultimate wrapping material given the precious fibres used when weaving a rug.

What your rug is subjected to when stored


Not only will carpet beetles and moths wreak havoc on your rugs, silverfish are also a concern to a stored rug. Silverfish can be found a dark, cool environments and seek out moisture and are found in large numbers.


Don’t forget – a rolled up rug makes for an excellent home for rats and mice with a ready-made food source!


Regular carpet and rug cleaning will remove the nutritional contaminants that can attract and support insects.

Carpet Beetles

These larvae feed on natural fibres, while adults feed primarily on plant nectar and pollen. As a result, they damage clothing, furniture and other household materials.


As well as housing toxic black mould and dust mites, carpets can also be home to dangerous mycotoxins.

Heat Fade

Prolonged or persistent exposure to heat can cause the fibres of your rug to fade and become brittle and damaged.

Dry Rot

Prolonged or persistent exposure to heat can cause the fibres of your rug to fade and become brittle and damaged.

Fibre Stress

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How to store your rug

Elevate off ground

When storing your rug, it’s important to keep it in a location off the ground, safe from any harmful elements.

You’ll also want to make sure nothing else lays on top of it. Boxes and other supplies can cause cracks and destroy the rug’s shape. It is vitally important to store your rug in a cool, dry environment without exposure to natural night.

Wash Thoroughly

If any part of the rug is soiled, it needs to be cleaned and treated. Whatever is left on a rug can attract vermin, insects,

or simply cause deterioration on its own account. After having your rug professionally cleaned, make sure it is given treatments to stop moths, dry rot or mould before it is rolled and wrapped.

Roll and Wrap

Never fold a rug or carpet! Folding can lead to creases, cracks and other damage. Instead, highly roll the carpet into an even cylinder.

Wrapping a rug is especially helpful if you need to transport or ship it. This extra layer of protection will help keep out bugs, dirt and other elements that can damage the delicate fibres. Always use a breathable fabric such a Tyvek.

Check Annually

To be safe, we also suggest unrolling your rug annually to make sure there is no evidence of bug infestation. Also, vacuum the area and the rug itself to eliminate any insect-attracting dust.

Recommended Add-Ons When Storing

Carpet Protection

Our carpet protector spray is a non-toxic stain guard that will keep your carpets and rugs looking their best for the long term.

This spray is water based and formulated with nanotechnology which offers the future in high-tech liquid and stain proofing for carpets and rugs.

Carpet Cleaning Sanitizer

Clean Carpet Sanitiser is a must to kill any bacteria that may reside within your carpet leaving your home healthier and smelling better.

The sanitiser contains three antimicrobial agents that help in reducing and controlling the growth of various fungi and bacteria.


Rugs should never be stored unprotected. Rug fibres are a great nesting material for mice and other rodents.

Make sure you Tyvek wrap your rug before it is rolled and stored away.


If you need to store a rug in a storage shed or garage, make sure you take extra care to protect it from moths and insects.

Have your rug professionally treated for carpet beetles and moths by using a repellent that is specially designed for fabric of your rug.

Benefits of Long Term Storage